Payasa Pets in Their New Homes
Gallery #2
Here's "Jo Jo"
She lives in St. Louis, MO
Payasa Pequeno Josephina

Strutting in Style
Trey says it's silly to go for a walk when you can get Dad to take you for an exciting ride instead!
Dweezel with his Big Sister
Whatever "LOLA" wants.........
Cosmo and his baby sister Coco
Indiana Residents

Cosmo at Christmas 2006

and Playing Twister
June 2007
Coco and Cosmo resting after a hard day's play
September 2007
Tessa Nelson
cisco lewis
Zoe, October 2007, seven months old
1-8-09:  Dweezel is very very happy still we can't believe he will be 5 on March. 31! He is such a goof ball we taught him how to ring the bell when he has to go outside and how to let himself in the back door and my dad is working on him closing the door which (keep dreamin dad) isn't going so well haha.
December 2009