Payasa Pets in Their New Homes
Gallery #6
Java and Mocha Atallah

JAVA - Big Sister
Mocha joined the family in March 2011
LeiLani Luke
Payasa Sweet LeiLani
Pretty from any angle
Lani meets Daisy
Lani and Jake became fast friends
November, 2011
Lani is showing off her new hand-made scarf, thinking about Christmas
12-01-2011  NEWS FLASH
Java earned her CGC in October and
is now a registered Therapy Dog
with Therapy Dog International!

Annie Plager
September 2010
July 2012
Hudson and Lizzie Taylor
Ivy Duke
Ivy October 2012
What Can We Say About This??????
Kiwi Pirkle
Kiwi with her brother Monte
Kipper Bollier
Kipper & his brother, Teddy
Kipper Claus 2011
Kipper's first Birthday 8-4-12
with brother, Teddy and
some special friends
Mya Buehler
Mya July 2012
Pica Boo Cheney
Sadie Wilson
Sadie - 6 months old, Sept 2012
Sadie is the Kona's littermate
Kiwi enjoying the summer sun 2013

Brody Frollo
Puppy pre-school was EXHAUSTING!!!!
Stevie Walnut Cooper
Oh My, what is going on here?
First week in my new home
First week in my new home
5-9-14 First Birthday
7-11-14  I'm 14 months old
Resting in the lovely Texas Bluebonnets

STYLIN' on the deck
Ivy is telling her mom about her Christmas list.  2014
Watching TV and smiling for Santa 12-24-14
Kiwi bringing in the new year 2014/2015.  Says she is "just resting", not "sleeping it off".
Stevie Walnut, celebrating his 2nd birthday May 8, 2015